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The Parallax

See Yourself with New Understanding

By Donald R. Rickert, PhD

“Dr. Rickert’s book offers readers easy examples, not methods, of success.”

(Abbott Press* News Release, February 22, 2011)

This blog site has been created to share the benefits of my self-improvement book The Parallax. The book tells a story of Frank and Sarah Beck who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in the Colorado Rockies. Their world is shaken by outside events causing them to see things differently. The Parallax is a story of restitution and forgiveness, simultaneously revealing a strategy, through metaphor, for improving personal effectiveness. Its clear structure and straightforward delivery has been compared to popular management self-improvement books like “Who Moved My Cheese” and “The One-Minute Manager.”

  • I structured The Parallax as a “nested story” to facilitate readers’ self-discovery and used organizational behavior and leadership concepts, within the construct of a fictional story to create an end result that I hope is both educational and entertaining. 
  • I wrote The Parallax because I realized a short story that I had been writing was serving a therapeutic purpose for me. It is his hope that others will discover the same benefit with the guidance provided by the book and this website. 
  • I developed The Parallax blog site as a supplement to help people achieve the goal of the book—“See Yourself with New Understanding.” Followers and contributors of this website will facilitate their ability to connect with shared emotions, providing access to their own story. Individuals looking for ways to improve their personal effectiveness, teachers, managers, and healthcare professionals looking for alternative strategies to help their patients, nearly anyone looking for the chance to bring positive change to their lives or those that they care for, will benefit from joining this discussion.

In addition to my own posts, I periodically select a comment, from previously posted comments, to highlight as a “Parallax Community Post” because I believe that comments from this community are the essence of “the secret of The Parallax. They represent differing points of view, infinitely expanding the potential for achieving positive therapeutic outcomes and improved personal effectiveness.

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*Abbott Press, a division Writer’s Digest—the oldest and most respected publisher devoted to the education and advancement of writers.